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Post 2014, we shifted our emphasis to providing IP licensing for OEMs and their system integrators. About

We now  provide customizations services for Modular MeshTM  through our System Integrators and Hardware Partners.
We will put you in touch with appropriate integrators who provide  full solution design, deployment and support services.
(We continue to supply the board, radio and box ensembles, flashed to specific model configurations, as before).
If you wish to license the software or intellectual property for your OEM needs, two options are:

1. IP License: No source code - OpenWRT code base is not needed by you or your system integrator. .
2. MeshSuiteTM :OpenWRT source code for mesh enabling new or existing devices and their deployment infrastructure.  

Contact for IP licensing only (No software supplied)
Contact for MeshSuite software licensing:
Technical Support  for existing  MeshSuiteTM Licensees.
Other Email Enquiries (no soliciting please)